Security Solutions For WHM/CPanel

There are three popular solutions right now which can help you fight malicious content/viruses for web hosting servers. This article is part of our series in setting up WHM server.

  1. Imunify Antivirus or Imunify360
  2. ConfigServer eXploit Scanner
  3. BitNinja


Imunify 360 is the most popular and comprehensive security solution for linux servers specially with WHM/CPanel as it has front gui for easy management. The imunify360 also contains their own firewall, antivirus, malicious code scanner etc.

Features of Imunify360

  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • WAF
  • PHP Security Layer
  • Patch Management
  • Domain Reputation

Pricing of Imunify360

The price plans of Imunify360 are as follow:

  1. SINGLE USER $12/per server per month
  2. UP TO 30 per server $25 per server per month
  3. UP TO 250 per server $35 per server per month
  4. UNLIMITED per server $45 per server per month

*Bulk prices are also offered when buying Imunify360 for 5 or more servers.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner or cxs is a cheaper option as its comes with one time fee for 60$ per server. The CSX uses clamav antivirus signatures to scan the files and is only good if you don’t want expensive per month solutions like other two. For instance whenever the CXS files a fingerprint match for a php file with malicious code it just has the option to quarantine it or just report you for manual editing. However on the contrast the competitors automatically remove the malicious code from the file and just clean it instead of moving the whole file to quarantine which breaks the website or CMS. That comes with a trade off as this little thing is not that much effective as of others but its better to use some protection than nothing at all.

In addition to CSX you can use ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) which is free but this doesn’t mean it not powerful. Most of the servers use CSF due to its popularity and effectiveness in protection.


BitNinja offers the same security features as of imunify but does not mention prices for bulk purchase on their website. Also the imunify360 is considered to be an industry standard whereas BitNinja is less popular. Though it offers robust protection but keeping in view its 40$ per server price for unlimited accounts we would rather advise imunify360 instead of BitNinja.

Pricing of BitNinja

  1. 1 Hosted User: $10 per server
  2. 2-40 Hosted Users: $20 per server
  3. 41-250 Hosted Users: $30 per server
  4. 250+ Hosted User: $40 per server

Features of BitNinja

  • Realtime IP Reputation
  • Honeypots
  • WAF
  • Log Analysis
  • DoS Detection
  • Malware Detection
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