New CloudLinux OS+

Finally we got email today from CL that their new shiny OS which is actually OS+ is going to be launched in October 2020. This new CloudLinux OS+ will include new state of the art tools that will elevate the shared hosting environment never experienced before.

The core purpose of the CL is to ease the administration of a web server in a shared environment. The next gen OS+ will be focused on performance analysis, advance automation, centralized management etc. The

A Unique Tool for a New CloudLinux OS+

The new CloudLinux OS+ will include a performance tracing tool called PHP X-Ray. This tool provides detailed information for websites based on Drupal, Joomla and WordPress that are experiencing issues with regard to performance. It eventually helps in detecting the issue behind degrading of the performance of websites.

Beside this PHP X-Ray tool the CL will include all the conventional bells & whistles of previous versions. For example like

  • Making administration of web servers easy and less time consuming.
  • Limiting the users abusing the hardware resources thus increasing the overall user experience.
  • Prevent other resource draining issues through limiting of CPU, RAM, IOPS, of Database usage thus helping in reducing server costs.

Popularity of CloudLinux

Our Partners

As per the statistics available on CloudLinux website there are about 4,000+ companies that run CloudLinux serving more than 20 million customer websites. That’s huge number as there seems to be no competition for the CloudLinux in the webhosting industry. The CL is the sole player of the industry when it comes to securing and easing the administration of shared web hosting server.

The big name in hosting industry like GoDaddy, Host Mayo, HostDime, InMotionHosting, , CrocWeb are also using Cloudlinux on their servers.

For early access of the new CloudLinux OS+ signup on their website here

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