Install WordPress on CPanel

  1. Download a fresh version of wordpress from
  2. Log in to you cpanel server.
  3. Go to File Manager and upload the downloaded file in public_html folder.
  4. Extract the zip files.
  5. Move the extracted files in zip folder wordpress to main public_html folder and delete the wordpress folder and zipped file.
  6. Now go to Mysql databases in CPanel and create database and user. Remember to add the user against the newly created database and allowing all privilages to that user.
  7. Now open the website url and you will see database settings. Just input all the details set under above step # 6.
  8. If all goes ok you will be directed to blog settings page. Just input your website details and your wordpress is now installed on CPanel.

You can watch following video for full walkthrough on how to install wordpress on Cpanel.

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