How to Stop Spammers in WHM

Exim Configuration Manager

1. Login to WHM control panel
2. Goto Main >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Manager
3. Enable RBL filtering by Basic Editor >> RBLs >> switch to – On and if you like you may additional RBL from manage option.
4. Sender Verification Callouts = ON {Personally I disabled this option as it was introduced as a feature in the mail server to arrest inbound spamming – Inbound spam can be tolerated to some extent}.
5. Sender Verification = ON
5. Reject SPF failures =ON
6. Then save all the configuration settings.

 stop spammers in WHM

Configurations in Tweak Setting

1. Login to WHM control panel by using root user
2. Goto Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings
3. Initial default/catch-all forwarder destination = Fail
4. Max hourly emails per domain = 200
5. Count mailman deliveries towards a domain

Stop Spammers in WHM
The above screenshot is showing Mail settings under Tweak section which will enable you to reduce / stop spammers in WHM.

After This Also Enable Greylisting

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