How to Setup Clientexec Support?

Clientexec is a popular billing software for web hosting industry. However setting it up might be a little difficult for a normal user. This guide will let you enable to send email notification on your desire email whenever a user creates a ticket.

Aside from email piping rules if you are using them, you will also have to configure them to get emails sent to your support email to create support tickets from them, so if a client send an email to the support email address you get a support ticket generated from it.

If you need to be emailed whenever a ticket is created, when it is created directly in the application, then, please configure your ticket types ( Settings > Support > Ticket Types ) to Default Assignee to your department, and configure in your department ( Settings > Support > Departments ) to Notifyyour user.Also, review your routing rules ( Settings > Support > Routing ) and see if you have one of them configured with Source > Request Source > Public Section. If so, then go to Action > Send copy to and set an email there.

Email Routing Action
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