How To Get Visitor’s Country by IP in PHP

This example shows how to get a visitor’s country using their ip in PHP language. This script doesn’t show how to get ip which we will discuss in another article.

// PHP code to obtain country, city,
// continent, etc using IP Address

$ip = '';

// Use JSON encoded string and converts
// it into a PHP variable
$ipdat = @json_decode(file_get_contents(
	"" . $ip));

echo 'Country Name: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_countryName . "</br>";
echo 'City Name: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_city . "</br>";
echo 'Continent Name: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_continentName . "</br>";
echo 'Latitude: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_latitude . "</br>";
echo 'Longitude: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_longitude . "</br>";
echo 'Currency Symbol: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_currencySymbol . "</br>";
echo 'Currency Code: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_currencyCode . "</br>";
echo 'Timezone: ' . $ipdat->geoplugin_timezone;


Output in browser:

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