How to delete a partition in Linux, CentOs, Ubuntu Using Command Line Interface

  • First log into your account using root.
  • Then checkout the drives and partitions using the command “lsblk”
  • It will show you the drives begining with the name sda, sdb, sdc and so on.
  • Just note down the drive on which you want to delete the parition in linux.
  • Use the command fdisk to enter in that drive as follow:
fdisk /dev/sdb
  • Now type “d” to delete the partition
  • Now Type “w” to write this operations in system and “q” to quit
  • Now just reboot and use command lsblk to see that partition has been deleted in linux successfully.
Delete parition in linux or ubuntu
Parition deleted in Linux
  • You can also see this guide on our official Youtube Channel on How to Delete a Parition in Linux/Ubuntu using commands.

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