How To Check VPS Network Speed

This little guide will let you check the network speed your vps using a small script called Bench. The script is located at

Upon clicking the you will see two command which you can run to check vps network speed. The following two commands are listed as follow if you dont want to visit the website directly

wget -qO- | bash


curl -Lso- | bash

Here are the results of few networks. If you run this on your server do share with us so we can list it here.

Check Network Speed of Host Mayo SSD VPS

The VPS of Host Mayo are SSD based. The speed of their vps are normal as per industry standings.

Check BuyVM Slice Network Speed

The uses optimised network for their VPS a.k.a slices. We won’t brag it much and will post the results to see for your self.

Check VPS Network Speed BuyVM slice
VPS Network Speed BuyVm

The above script also test disk speeds. You can also check vps disk speed using our little here :

Check VPS Network Speed Using SpeedTest Cli is another well known Internet speed test available by simply accessing their website on web browser that supports Flash. But most of the linux distributions does not come with Graphical User Interface (GUI). So we are stuck with using command line interface (cli). So the also provides a Python based tool to conduct the speed test via command line under Linux. First download the SpeedTest script using wget command. Just run following commands step wise:

apt-get install python-pipmv bintray-ookla-rhel.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
yum install speedtest

Speedtest-cli on Centos
Speedtest-cli on Centos

The network tool is customize able and also provides following functions.

  1. This code generates a badge which can then be shared showing your network speed to others.

speedtest-cli –share

2. The –list function will retrieve available test locations displayed in order based on closest server first.

speedtest-cli –list

The First method shared above using is more reliable and is preferred above using tool.

Use following commands on Ubuntu/Debian

Check Network Speed Using FAST (A tool by Netflix) in CLI

wget -O fast
chmod +x fast
VPS Network Speed Using Fast Script in CLI
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