How to buy bitcoins in Pakistan, India, Malaysia etc. Using REMITANO

LOH blog is no directly related to crypcto currencies but a number of hosting companies accepts it as a mode of payment. So today LOH will show you how to buy bitcoins in Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Venezuela, Colombia etc.

  1. First go to Remitano Website using following url:

buy bitcoin on remitano

2. Now Click on Login / Register

3. Sign in with Google, FB or register a new account using Sign in with Email.

login on remitano

4. After Signing In Click on Buy Bitcoin on home page. You can also choose other coins like Ethereum, LTC etc by selecting the button “Choose another coin.”

buy bitcoin in Pakistan online

5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy. Its better if you click on your currency and then enter amount in local currency. This will make it easier to buy bitcoin for an exact amount in local currency. As we want to buy bitcoins in Pakistan so we choose PKR currency.

buy Ethereum in Pakistan online

6. After entering amount the Remitano website will show you a number of offers from people around the country.

7. The payment method is mentioned against the amount. For instance lets try buying bitcoin using EasyPaisa. This means we have to send amount using EasyPaisa and the user will send us bitcoin in our Remitano account once he receives funds.

buy LTC in Pakistan online

8. The trade will start once we confirm it. You have to make payment within 15 mins after start of trade and again click on confirm once the payment has made. Remitano will show warning in this regard also.

buy crypto in Pakistan online

9. Now the transaction has started. The screenshot below shows a random seller who’s payment details are also mentioned once trade is opened.

buy BTC in Pakistan online

10. Just scroll down and once you make the payment click on “I have paid Seller”

Now wait for the buyer to confirm. Once confirmed your wallet will be credited with the crypto currency.

So it is very easy to buy bitcoins in Pakistan. Just go to Remitano now.

If you have any questions in this regard feel free to ask in comments section below.

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