How Create or Restore Account Backup in DirectAdmin Control Panel

  1. Log into your DirectAdmin panel. In our case its
  2. Lookout for the Create/Restore Backups options. Its under the Advance Features Section

3. Just click on create backup and system will start creating backup file.

4. The system will send you a message once the backup file is ready or failed. Click on the Messages icon with 9 number on it and you will be taken to system messages inbox.

5. There you will see the message backup is ready.

6. You can also download the backupfile by going to file manager.

7. Once under file manager, go to the backup folder and from there you can see your backup file.

8. If you need to restore the backup you can go to the same page from where we started i.e. Create/Restore Backups options. Now from here instead of backup we will click on restore after selecting desired backup.

9. You can also view the complete guide on video link below:

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