Enable auto SSL certificates in DirectAdmin

Directadmin have the option to setup SSL certificates automatically for all the domains. Steps wise guide is as follow:

  1. First log on to you DirectAdmin control panel using admin credentials.
  2. The search for SSL Management as shown below

3. Then click on settings mentioned on right side.

4. Check the last option that says “Replace expired/invalid certificates with Let’s Encrypt ones ” and click save.

Directadmin uses the Let’s Encrypt services to install the SSL certificates which is recognized by all major browsers. The browsers will show green padlock on alll the domains having let’s encrypt SSL increasing the trust of visitor.

Since the upgrade of Direct Admin you need the Pro Pack to enable this future. Luckily there still is a way to install SSL certificates for all domains automatically. Here you go

Automatically set up Let’s Encrypt SSL for all domains that do not currently have a certificate

cd /root
wget -O autoletsencrypt.sh http://files.directadmin.com/services/all/letsencrypt/autoletsencrypt.sh
chmod 755 autoletsencrypt.sh

This guide is a part of How to install DirectAdmin

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