CyberPanel v2.0.1

CyberPanel v2.0.1 has been released with new exciting features. This includes bug fixes and updates. The new CyberPanel now also supports Ubuntu 20.04 & Centos 8.

New Features

Google Drive backups has been added in v2.0.2 which is currently active dev branch. You can install this branch and take Google Drive backups for a spin using following commands:

chmod +x

When asked for the version please input 2.0.2-dev. Apart from that Remote MySQL is also coming to v2.0.2-dev branch.


  • Log Parser
  • UI Update
  •  cPanel Importer
  • Backups: reduce number of compressions
  • Change permission for backup file
  • Change source of pip packages
  • Repo replacement during install,2, 3,4
  • Python packages
  • FTP config file
  • Indonesian translation
  • German Translation,2
  • 16 digit strong password for email,database,user,ftp

Bug Fixes

  • Permissions on ubuntu
  • Permpath after adding a custom path for child domains
  • Fix to restore folders
  • Convert child to a website
  • Permissions during Cpanel import
  • CloudAPI
  • Correction of Japanese translation
  • File Manager permissions,2
  • Upgrade script, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Directory check
  • Permissions
  • Pure-ftpd to 1.0.47-3 for Ubuntu 18, 2
  • File download from File Manager
  • Imunify after upgrade,2
  • File permissions during upgrade
  • Increase backup file holder name size
  • Add incremental destination
  • Incremental backups,2
  • topProcessesStatus,2
  • Backup remote transfer ajax update
  • Add dkim keys to dns records during remote fetch
  • Lswsgi for python 3.8
  • Mail SSL fix UI
  • Fetch access logs
  • WordPress staging, 2
  • Adding remote destinations
  • dkim for subdomains
  • Private Gitlab instance on non standard port
  • Prevent local backup from running multiple processes
  • PowerDNS Slave config persistance
  • Job success calculator
  • Check if backup process actually running

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