Clientexec 6.4 Version with new User Dashboard

The version 6.4 brings a little glimpse of front end changes overhauld that we will see under version 7. The version 6.4 brings a refreshed user dashboard. However as of now the order page seems to be broken and the same has been notified to the developers.

The following dashboard is however working for users.

The notable features are

  • General Billing Setting to void invoices of cancelled package. This comes handy as invoices were left unpaid for even cancelled package.
  • Virtualizor plugin to send the storage ID when creating a VPS

Full changelog of CE 6.4 is as follow:

ADDED “VPS ID” under Hosting Account Tab of a client’s package if there is one set
ADDED new config.php option “SAMEORIGIN” to send the X-FRAME-OPTIONS sameorigin header.
ADDED SOAP as a required PHP extension.
ADDED ability to cancel a pending package upgrade/downgrade for admin and also for client.
ADDED new General Billing Setting: Void Unpaid Invoices When Deleting A Package.
ADDED missing events about adding/removing credit balance when: applying credit to an invoice, getting credit from an overpaid invoice, or when crediting an invoice.
ADDED ‘Failed Reason’ by default in ‘Failed Invoices’ section
ADDED note in the invoice when doing a package upgrade/downgrade, indicating the previous and new package names and billing cycles
ADDED ability to edit all system ticket types.
ADDED new report: Client Group Income. Displays total paid by Client Group.
ADDED new DreamScape Registrar Plugin.
ADDED Direct Login support for DirectAdmin.
ADDED New “Auto Renew Domains?” setting for NameSilo to determine if the auto renew should be enabled at NameSilo (default to no so CE handles auto renews)
ADDED ID Protect Addon option for NameSilo.
ADDED display of EPP Code for ResellerClub, Resellbiz & NetEarthOne domains.
IMPROVED invoice API to return the invoice entries info.
IMPROVED package status updates to allow to be changed to any status.
IMPROVED Upgrade/Downgrade to allow for upgrade/downgrade’s of the same product.
IMPROVED Client UI to new design based on Bootstrap 4.
IMPROVED WHMCS migrator significantly.
IMPROVED saving free subdomains for a product to strip out any leading ‘.’.
IMPROVED send “Account Creation” email from support email, not billing email
IMPROVED new installs to default “Prompt for domain username and password” to no.
IMPROVED emailing of announcements, to replace images URLs, with full paths
IMPROVED softaculous auto installer to use ‘admin’ as the admin username if none is given.
IMPROVED cPanel/WHM accounts importer to send a reset password email if we create anew client
IMPROVED Auto Mailer to create a support ticket if it is unable to email a client.
IMPROVED the order of Stripe Checkout keys so they match the order in Stripe dashboard.
IMPROVED Virtualizor plugin to send the storage ID when creating a VPS
IMPROVED Direct Links payments for PayPal when using new API.
UPDATED country “Macedonia (Frm. Yugoslav Rep.)” to “North Macedonia”.
FIXED issue storing thousands separator when importing TLD prices.
FIXED issue with admin menu not re-loading when a snapin is enabled or disabled.
FIXED issue with remote installs (softaculous, installatron, etc) not properly checking for trial licenses.
FIXED issue with domain list not showing properly when using MySQL 8.0.
FIXED “Renew Package” permission to display properly for client groups.
FIXED issue related to package upgrade/downgrade code not allowing to complete Clientexec updates.
FIXED issue related to custom billing cycles code not allowing to complete Clientexec updates.
FIXED issue with checking the wrong javascript variable in our chat tracking.
FIXED issue on sign up with not being able to determine the proper server to allocate a package to.
FIXED placement of Trial Version and Execution Time in admin footer.
FIXED issue with test email when using the “Override From” setting.
FIXED issue with looking up .CH, .DE, and .EU domains when not using a registrar plugin.
FIXED issue that was causing too many license checks, thus invalidating a license when it still had a grace period.
FIXED issue with displaying the staff list when using MySQL 8.0+.
FIXED issue when looking up any .PE TLD when not using a registrar plugin.
FIXED saving a package to have billing cycle as One Time, or recurring as No, to properly update the recurring fee paymentterm value to 0
FIXED issue when calculating the total of an invoice for some currencies while having a percentage discount entry on it.
FIXED issue that was not removing invoice entries of unused coupons from invoices
FIXED issue with PDFInvoice setting wrong cache path.
FIXED issue preventing spam filters from being saved as enabled.
FIXED issue with editing a ticket message on admin showing raw HTML.
FIXED issue preventing “Use Paypal Subscriptions” to be properly set when an account is created from login page
FIXED issue with “Terms and Conditions URL” setting, when used in the section where you can create an account without ordering.
FIXED issue when using the GET parameter “paymentTerm” instead of “paymentterm” in sign up. Both will work now.
FIXED issue in the “Upcoming Charges” and “Predicted Income” reports when comparing a date field against ‘NULL’.
FIXED issue with deleting coupon invoice entries.
FIXED issue with “Income Growth” Report and MySQL 8.0.
FIXED issue causing invoice page to show blank when a Stripe account has been limited.
FIXED issue with Stripe Checkout while using CloudFlare.
FIXED issue with Virtualizor plugin not sending proper virtualization param.
FIXED DNS Record management with NameSilo.
FIXED issue with Stripe Checkout trying to insert invalid failed transactions when the client clicks the “Back” link instead of completing the payment.
FIXED issue preventing the Create option display for Virtualizor when the VPS has been manually removed from the server.

6.4.1 Changelog

  • IMPROVED WHMCS importer to verify if the table tblpaymethods exists.
  • FIXED Fixed issue with upgrade not properly deleting old sign up files, causing broken sign up.
  • FIXED Canned Response list sorting by creator.
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