How TO Enable External SMTP in WHM

If you are setting up external SMTP like Google Workspace and are getting following error: SMTP Debug: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.​ Then you need to do some tweaks inside WHM. WHM > Tweak Settings > “Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak)” (or through WHM > SMTP Restrictions) If server uses CSF then ensure that SMTP_BLOCK is disabled in the CSF configuration 

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How To Create Website Without Coding

This guide will let you build a website wihtout coding. For this purpose we will use a popular tool called Softaculous which most of the web hosting providers now offer. If you can’t find on you can lookout our list of one dollar web hosting providers or simply buy out starter hosting plan from for 1.5$ per month. Through this method you will be able to install WordPress based website without coding. WordPress is a popular CMS which helps you manage website with just clicks. Step 1. Go to Cpanel. Step 2 Go to Softaculous Step 3 Click on…

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Security Solutions For WHM/CPanel

There are three popular solutions right now which can help you fight malicious content/viruses for web hosting servers. This article is part of our series in setting up WHM server. Imunify Antivirus or Imunify360 ConfigServer eXploit Scanner BitNinja Imunify360 Imunify 360 is the most popular and comprehensive security solution for linux servers specially with WHM/CPanel as it has front gui for easy management. The imunify360 also contains their own firewall, antivirus, malicious code scanner etc. Features of Imunify360 Antivirus Firewall WAF PHP Security Layer Patch Management Domain Reputation Pricing of Imunify360 The price plans of Imunify360 are as follow: SINGLE…

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ssl certificate

How to make website open with https?

To force the HTTPS connection on a website you can create a file .htaccess (with dot) in your main root directory and use following code inside the file This works on Apache and LiteSpeed servers. The .htaccess files tells the server to open your website with https extension which will make the ssl lockpad visible on your website. The SSL certificate must be installed on your server first in order for this to work properly. Check if your website has SSL certificate properly installed using this website

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High CPU Load in Cpanel

High cpu load in cpanel is a real headache for administrators. It can be due to no memory/no swap memory, high cpu usage etc. However simple way to track it to look at the processes going on or you can check WHM > Daily Process Logs to see if any user has high CPU, memory or MySQL usage for that specific day. Other method involves using the command sar which is system activity report. It will tell you if your system had issue time wise though for digging deep we would need more information. Use the top command in linux…

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Open Remote Connection Port on MySQL / MariaDB

By default, MySQL is not listening for external connections. This means you will get error when trying to establish remote connection to your MySQL. The MySQL options file needed to configure for this to work. Please follow steps. Open your MySQL configuration file. MySQL config file is normally at /etc/my.cnf. You need to open it using the nano or any other editor: 2. Note that you have to replace YOUR.SERVER.IP with your actual dedicated IP address OR in my case and then start your MySQL daemon by running this command: Check your port using any tool like for instance you can go…

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Setup a WHM/CPanel Server

This guide will tell you how to setup WHM/Cpanel on a fresh sever. This guide is specifically for web hosting resellers as it is aim to tune/optimize and secure the server for selling purpose. Croc WebDevice Mount Point Usage Status/boot /boot 28% (133,214 of 499,492)/var/tmp /var/tmp 8% (318,684 of 4,059,840)/tmp /tmp 8% (318,684 of 4,059,840)/ / 78% (1,188,088,984 of 1,612,302,348) All tmp are created by themselves so dedicated server with 32 GB RAM is ordered from WSI with 4GB Swap as recommended by Capnel. Loginto New Dedi systemctl stop NetworkManager.servicesystemctl disable NetworkManager.serviceOR for centos6service NetworkManager stop cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scriptslsOpen the ifcfg-eth0…

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