How Create or Restore Account Backup in DirectAdmin Control Panel

3. Just click on create backup and system will start creating backup file. 4. The system will send you a message once the backup file is ready or failed. Click on the Messages icon with 9 number on it and you will be taken to system messages inbox. 5. There you will see the message backup is ready. 6. You can also download the backupfile by going to file manager. 7. Once under file manager, go to the backup folder and from there you can see your backup file. 8. If you need to restore the backup you can go…

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Get Emails in to Gmail Inbox

Getting emails right into the main inbox is not an easy task specially for email providers like Google. In order to get emails into Gmail Inbox your have to follow certain rules. Please ensure following measures are taken and your email should reach the Gmail Inbox fine. Install SSL on your domain Ensure RDNS on your server hostname Ensure SPF Ensure DKIM Test Your email at Register your domain on Ensure your ip not blacklisted. Better to add your server ip on Your good to go now. Also note that if you are listed on black list…

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Download Microsoft Office and Windows Offline Versions Easily

Download all original files of Microsoft programs through This website itself doesn’t host or provides your the program but only links to the files on the Microsoft server which are hidden beneath the plethora of links. So you get original Microsoft programs directly from them without any hassle. See the screenshot below.

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How does referral cookies work?

What is Referral Code In order to understand the referral cookie we must under stand referral code. A referral code is a unique combination of character which may be letters, numbers or both. This unique combination is used as an identifier. A cookie simply contains this referral code. What is a Cookie? Just for non tech savvy persons this not the usual cookie from sesame street. A cookie is a small files saved on the computer of user with some information as desired by the website. The cookies were designed to store information so whenever client visits the website next…

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one dollar web hosts

Best One Dollar Web Hosting of 2020

Today we are bringing you the cheapest and the most prestigious one dollar web hosting deals. Yes you can get a lot of bang for just one buck. So here are our selected hosts. Host Mayo Host Mayo is in the hosting business since 2015 and have been offering cpanel ssd web hosting with exceptional quality and support. Their each cpanel host account features 1GB RAM with 1 Core CPU and 50 Concurrent Connections. Most of the shared hosting web companies only allow 25% or 50% of cpu for each shared CPU account. So the web hosting plan you can…

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How to Setup Clientexec Support?

Clientexec is a popular billing software for web hosting industry. However setting it up might be a little difficult for a normal user. This guide will let you enable to send email notification on your desire email whenever a user creates a ticket. Aside from email piping rules if you are using them, you will also have to configure them to get emails sent to your support email to create support tickets from them, so if a client send an email to the support email address you get a support ticket generated from it. If you need to be emailed…

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