CyberPanel 2

CyberPanel v2.0.1

CyberPanel v2.0.1 has been released with new exciting features. This includes bug fixes and updates. The new CyberPanel now also supports Ubuntu 20.04 & Centos 8. New Features Support on Ubuntu 20 Support for CentOS8 & Repo Allow custom path for child-domains Remove duplicatte compression for emails Add remote access Cyberpanel repo, Add Indonesian language Translation into Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil Remote backup with non-root user,2,3 Package manager,2,3,4,5,CentOS 7 Load website preview Mailscanner  & Mailwatch ,2 ,3 Child domain as hostname Detailed scheduled backup logs Display mail client details Update terminal to use tornado User add, edit, list, suspend and remove via CLI Display ssl port during…

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