What are resource limits in CloudLinux

Each user on CloudLinux is treated as independent entity called as lightweight virtual environment (LVE). This allows hosting companies to have strict control over the hardware resources any for any single account to use. Resources limits in CloudLinux which can be controlled are CPU, memory, IO, number of processes entering (EP) and concurrent connections etc. So the purpose of LVE is to make sure that no single web site use all the hardware resources of the server and bring down or slow down the whole web server. How Resource limits in CloudLinux Works Memory limits Memory limits allow controlling of…

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New CloudLinux OS+

Finally we got email today from CL that their new shiny OS which is actually OS+ is going to be launched in October 2020. This new CloudLinux OS+ will include new state of the art tools that will elevate the shared hosting environment never experienced before. The core purpose of the CL is to ease the administration of a web server in a shared environment. The next gen OS+ will be focused on performance analysis, advance automation, centralized management etc. The A Unique Tool for a New CloudLinux OS+ The new CloudLinux OS+ will include a performance tracing tool called…

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CloudLinux Released PHP X-Ray Tool (Beta)

CloudLinux has released a new tool by the name of PHP X-RAY in their updates-testing repository. What is PHP X-Ray The newest OS from the team CL is CloudLinux OS+ now includes a new performance tracing tool called PHP X-Ray. This tool is exclusively for PHP-based content management systems. Content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal will now show detailed information with respect to different bottlenecks they are facing.   The PHP X-Ray tool will simply help you to locate If a site has any slow WordPress plugins, slow queries, or database bottlenecks. Tracing Performance With PHP X-Ray…

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