Blesta 5 Released on Bootstrap 4

Well new Blesta version has been released on Jan-13, 2020 but no improvement is seen on the front end. Its the same old Windows 98 era gui that we have to bear. The guys also upgraded to Bootstrap 4 to make it mobile friendly instead of just jumping directly to Bootstrap 5. They did mention that it was one hell of job upgrading the frontend code…so it seems it would have taken the same amount of effort for directly switching to bootstrap 5. Anyways here are the major features launched with version 5.

What’s new in Blesta 5.0?

  • Bootstrap v4, jQuery 3.5, Font Awesome 5, and updates to many other libraries.
  • Blesta now requires PHP 7.2+ (7.2 or 7.3 recommended), and MySQL 5.6.0 or MariaDB 10.0.5+.
  • The staff area is now responsive for better support on mobile devices.
  • Added a new Navigation Editor. The staff, client, and public navigation menus are fully editable.
  • Added a new Logo Uploader. Replacing the logo in the staff and client areas is super simple.
  • Added support for VAT verification through the EU VIES system.
  • Added emoji support system-wide, updating the database collation from utf8 to utf8mb4.
  • Table rows that can be expanded now include an expand icon in the client and staff interfaces.
  • Session names can now be defined in the config file, useful for several installs on the same domain.
  • Order Received email templates now include tags for all address fields.
  • File based monologs generated by the cron are now named differently to avoid permissions issues.
  • Ticket searches now include all ticket replies and notes.
  • Order forms can now be sorted on the order form listing page.
  • Updated the PostalMethods integration to use their new API for postal delivery of invoices.
  • Added the noVNC console to SolusVM.
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